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Our ceiling and wall tiles come in a variety of colours and patterns. Below are some examples of the possibilities. Choose a colour and combine it with one of the many patterns.


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Memphis – brass


Colours and patterns

With our wide range of colours and patterns, you can create your own, unique product. That matches your interior style. Choose a colour and combine it with a pattern that fits the ambiance of the room. All combinations are possible. We also offer decorative cornices. Our collection varies from copper to matt black, from shiny to aged and from bold stars to classic decorative patterns. Each with its own, unique atmosphere.

Bad acoustics?

In rooms with a lot of hard materials, the acoustics can be unpleasant. Especially in environments with a high noise level, such as restaurants and other food & beverage establishments, and offices. To solve this problem, New York Ceiling Co. offers its ceiling and wall tiles in an acoustic design. Acoustic tiles feature micro-perforation. In combination with a hollow space and acoustic foam, this provides excellent sound absorption of up to 85% and improves the acoustics. Available in all colours and many patterns.

Easy to install

The handy-sized tiles are easy to install, because of the drop-in or nail-up system. Drop-in is suitable for suspended ceilings. The tiles can be easily mounted in the grid of a suspended ceiling. Nail-up tiles can be applied to an even substrate using construction adhesive or brad nails. Need to cut the tiles to size? This can be done easily with a paper cutter or scissors. All finished tiles require no further finishing.

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Be inspired by the projects of our customers.

Unique Wall Tiles

Redoing your interior can be very exciting, especially with additions that will make a room stand out with a unique style. With the wall tiles from New York Ceiling Co. you will find the best wall or ceiling tiles for your home or for your business, that will give any room that unique character.

Matching Your Theme

Do you have a theme in mind? The right wall tiles can make any space match any theme, any ambiance, and any look. All you have to do is to make sure that you choose based on the wall tiles or ceiling tiles that would match your needs perfectly.

Range of Wall Tiles

Our wide selection of wall tiles come in a range of colors, patterns, and finishes. Simply choose a colour and combine it with one of the many patterns. 

Our raw – unfinished range of wall tiles can be exactly what you need to let your creativity run wild. The possibilities are endless.

If you already have a theme in mind, our selection of different colors from glossy gold to matt black can get your creative juices flowing. With our wall tiles, you are not limited by the product, you are limited only by your imagination.

Whether you’re looking for tiles to match a simple color palette or you want to have a new look in your home, restaurant or any other place, we have the wall tiles that will enhance the style and look.

View our projects

Be inspired by the projects of our customers. Whether you’re running a restaurant, a clothing store or a bar, New York Ceiling Co. wall tiles will always add something new and unique to your interior.

Suitable for Any Wall Type

Our wall tiles are suitable for any wall type. In your business, we know that you want every single wall tile to look a certain way. Being able to find the right kind of wall tiles from the right supplier is a dream for most businesses who are going after a theme.

Variety of Choices

Your choice of wall tile from New York Ceiling Co. comes with quality and class. Our wall tiles are vintage, industrial, and weathered. The colours in the Art series are manually aged, giving them a robust, weathered look. The powder-coated tiles are finished with an extra layer, resulting in the aged colour effects.

The suitability and quality of our wall tiles are more than decorative. Each colour is finished with a clear coat. This quality protects them from external influences. High quality and art inspired tiles are clear in every project that we do.

Robust, vintage, artsy – a promise of creativity with every wall tile.

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When you’re decorating or redoing your business or home, it is likely you will need a bigger amount of wall tiles. That is why we offer custom quotes based on your wishes. Go to our quote request and add all the products you are interested in, and we will get back to you with a custom offer. 

Your Personal Choices

We are here to help. Your personal choices are always what we respect. Shop in our shop today and add the tiles that you want to choose from. Filter by the category that you want.

If you are just looking around or have not yet decided on the style of your wall tiles, our available colour chart can get you started. 

You may also view our projects for inspiration. The possibilities are endless. The only limit that you would face would be the limit of your imagination.

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