Installation of


application suspended ceiling
size approx. 590 x 590 mm (depending on pattern)
  • 1Place the tiles in the grid of the suspended ceiling (600 x 600 mm).
  • 2After placing the tile, it can be locked into place with the clips that we supply with the tiles.
  • 3The grid can be painted or spray-painted to match the colour of the tiles.

Installation of


application wall, furniture and ceiling
size approx. 610 x 610 mm (depending on pattern) – overlap approx. 7 mm on all sides


  • 1Make a scale drawing of the ceiling or wall. Mark the layout of the tiles on it; add the filler panels and cornices if applicable.
  • 2Make sure the substrate (wall/ceiling) you will be working on is level. 

  • 3Copy your drawing from point 1 to the ceiling and draw the centre of the pattern with a chalk line. 

  • 4Start in the centre of the room and work your way out. Make sure the tiles overlap on the outer edge. 

  • 5Install the tiles first. Then the filler panels (if applicable) and finally the cornices.
  • 6The panels can be cut to size with a paper cutter or scissors. In the case of corners, they can be easily bent.

  • 7When the substrate is of wood, the tiles can be fastened using a tacker with brad nails or you can use construction adhesive. In the case of plasterboards, we recommend construction adhesive.
  • 8When using brad nails, position them every 15 to 30 cm on the outer edge of the tiles. 

filler panels and decorative cornices

  • 9When applying large wall cornices, we recommend using a wooden attachment at the corners and seams.
  • 10Separate seams can be corrected by tapping with a wooden block.


description steel plate, 0.25 mm thick, with stamped pattern
finish finished or unfinished
application wall, furniture and (suspended) ceiling
types drop-in for suspended ceilings
nail-up for other application
decorative cornices for corner finishes
features very easy to install
handy-sized tiles

creates a unique atmosphere

acoustics acoustic drop-in option available
NRC 0.85 (American standard ASTM C423 – details on request)
fire rating class A (American standard ASTM E84 – report on request)


  • The RAW tiles are unfinished. They can be painted or decorated as desired. If left unfinished, they will oxidise when exposed to moisture.
  • The powder-coated tiles require no further finishing. If desired, they can be decorated.
  • The ART series tiles are powder-coated, finished and provided with a protective top layer of clear coat.

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