3D Wall Panels are considered as one of the designing gems that you will be able to explore when you go through decorating your home or your business. We would like to tell you all about New York Ceiling Co. wall tiles, that you can use both at home as in professional surroundings like a restaurant, bar or store.

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What are 3D wall panels?

3D wall panels are panels that are used to make a space look more warm and welcoming. It provides the following advantages to any wall:

It can hide wall flaws

If you put wall panels with a 3D look, they can make sure that the flaws of the wall are hidden. If you see any flaws on your wall that you would like to change or hide, you can do so with the 3D wall panels. You can always have clean and perfect walls when you have 3D wall panels installed.

It can make dull walls impressive

To make the walls more impressive, you can add some 3D wall panels. You can be as creative as you possibly can and you can have all of the products that would make your walls look creative and exciting.

It can protect the walls

The 3D wall panels can protect your walls and make your walls look more beautiful. The panels do not just add beauty on your property but it also adds a layer of protection that you may want to have on your walls.

This is an important aspect of the wall panels that some people do not always realize – it is an extra layer of protection, it is an extra layer of decoration that you can place on your walls against the normal wear and tear of the walls.

It can be easy to clean up and replace

The 3D Wall panels are easy to clean up and replace. As long as you have the right supplier of your 3D wall panel, you can always have that easy to clean and replace feeling on your home 3D panels.

Varieties to Choose From

There are three varieties to choose from when you have 3D wall panels. Let us look at them one by one.

Raw steel 3D Panels

The Raw steel 3D panels are one of the more popular wall panels that you can have. They have the most popularity because of the ability to be used in any interior. These tiles give your space a sophisticated look!


New York Ceiling Co. tiles deliver an unmatched sense of style and comfort. They are best for those who want to put them in the living room or their bedrooms. Also for professional surroundings like an office, a store or a restaurant. Get inspired with our projects and see for yourself all the possibilities with our 3D tiles!

Advantages of the 3D Wall Panels

One of the best things about a wall panel is the fact that they are very simple and easy to use. Another great thing about it is the fact that it comes with many advantages that you would love.

It has a plethora of choices

When you customize something you will see that you have the world under your control. You have a plethora of choices from the colours, textures, and the cores that you would love. You can see the wide range of colors and variety of designs and patterns that can match your specific needs. You will be mesmerized by the ambiance if you choose the right 3D Wall panels.

Easy installation

The great thing about the 3D wall panels is the fact that it brings easy installation. Since the installation is easy, any person can take over the installation and do it properly. Using and installing is a breeze.

Maintenance is easy

To make the decision to use 3D wall panels, you should know that it is very easy to maintain. This is perhaps the most important factor that you need to know about the wall panels.

Choose 3D Wall Panels

You should choose 3D wall panels for your home or restaurant if you are looking for a surprising look. It is an investment that would not feel like a total investment, it feels like the right and deliberate choice to make for your wall panels and your home ambiance. Choose 3D wall panels and you would not regret it.

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