Metal wall panels that are decorative will make any interior wall look better. From professional settings to looks that could kill, when you add wall tiles on your walls, you add value to it.

How To Decorate Walls and Ceilings With Metal Wall Panels

Decorative wall panels have become the most common decorative materials that are used by many private homes and professional environments like restaurants, bars and offices. To install, you simply need to get the right supplier who will help you from conceptualization to the installation of the tiles. New York Ceiling offers you a great selection of stainless steel tiles, that you can easily install yourself.

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Why Should You Install Decorative Metal Wall Panels In Your Home or professional setting?

You should install decorative metal wall panels in your home or in a professional setting like a restaurant or store because of many reasons. Let us look at them one by one:

Visual Impact Of Your Creativity

One of the best things about metal wall tiles is the fact that it expresses the visual impact of your creativity. As soon as your guests enter a room or your establishment, they will see the expression of your personality.

Not Just Mere Accents

A wall covered with decorative metal wall panels will not just be mere accents but are expressions of your creativity.

Exciting Finish

The style of the wall with the metal finish is exciting. The metallic tile look is going to make the customer of your restaurant or of your establishment happy. You need not look for any other finish because it is a finish that you will appreciate.

Copper And Distressed Look

There are some metal tile panels that are also made in copper and can be changed in the color that you want. You can use this to your advantage to make sure that the material finish will be exactly what you need.

Fire Rating

There are decorative wall panels that have a fire rating. This is a great consideration for homes and those who want to place a bedroom adjacent to a garage. Also for offices and restaurants and bars, its a great solution. It is safe and creative.

Sound Absorbing Value

One of the best things about a decorative metal panel is the sound absorbing value that it has. If you are making a heavy foot traffic area where there will be a lot of conversations between people, wall tiles are for you. Did you know that we offer special acoustic tiles that feature micro-perforation?! That way you are assured you get the best sound absorbation for your restaurant, bar or even in your home.

Family Friendly SoundProofing

The metallic composition of the wall tiles is also great for you and your family if you want to have a home theater. You can expect that you need great sound proofing on the wall.

You will need good sound proofing especially if you want to get a family friendly experience when you do the karaoke or when you watch a movie.

Easy Clean Up

If you put the decorative wall panels on your kitchen, you should expect easy clean up.

The Right Wall Look

The best thing about the experience that you will get about the wall tiles is the fact that they are decorative enough to pop out visually but they also come with many functionalities. Get this kind of metal wall panel and you will have that amazing look on your home or establishment. Find here more inspiration with examples of our project!

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